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30GTN - China


ComfortLink control

Your link to a world of simple and easy to use air-cooled    chillers     that    offer    out-standing performance  and   value.   The   30GTN,GTR liquid  chillers  employ  more  than  the  latest advanced micro-processor controls, they utilize an ex-pandable platform that grows as your needs change. From stand-alone oper-ation to remotely monitored and oper-ated multi-chiller plants,  ComfortLink  controls  can  keep  you plugged  in.  ComfortLink  controls  are  fully com-municating,  and   are   cable   ready  for connection  to  a  Carrier  Comfort  Net-work (CCN).  Occupancy  scheduling,  temperature and pressure read-outs, and the ComfortLink scrolling   mar-quee  clear   language  display compli-ment the standard features, linking you to    a    world    of    carefree    comfort.    The
30GTN,GTR chillers are built on the legendary performance    of    the    Carrier    model    30G Flotronic™ chiller and share many of the same time-proven        features        and     technologies providing easy operation, quick installation and start-ups that save you money!

Superior temperature control equals potential for greater productivity

Whether in the classroom, on the pro-duction floor, or in the office,    ComfortLink controls can help you to adapt to changing weather and busi-ness  conditions.  Accurate  temperature control  provided  by  the  Carrier  ComfortLink system  helps  to  maintain  higher  levels  of indoor   air   quality,   ther-mal   comfort,   and productivity  space.  While   many  air-cooled chillers  use  only  leaving  fluid  temperature control, the 30GTN,GTR chillers utilize leaving fluid   temperature  control   with   a   standard entering fluid temperature

Form 30GTN-B07-1PD

compensation.   This   Carrier   exclusive provides  smart  control  and  intelligent machine  capacity staging.  Unlike many chillers,    Carrier    model    30GTN,GTR chillers do not require constant fluid flow. The ability to operate with vari-able flow also  allows  building  owners  to  realize even   greater   overall   system   energy savings  in  the  chilled  water  pumping system of up to 85%, and not just at the chiller

Energy management made easy

While  30GTN,GTR  chillers  have  many standard   features   such   as   network communications    capability        and temper-ature reset based on return fluid tem-perature, they can also expand as needs change. Supply temperature reset based    on    outside        air    or    space temperature  is  as  easy  as  adding  a ther-mistor.   The   Energy   Management option can allow you to take advantage of changing utility rate structures with easy to use load shedding, demand lim-iting and temperature reset capabilities. Reset triggered via 4 to 20 mA signal makes integrating   from   an   existing   building management system simple.
The   ComfortLink™   platform   can   be
expanded further with the Service Option which  has  all  of  the  features  of  the Energy Management option, along with an   additional   hand-held   ComfortLink Navigator    display,    remote    service connection port, and GFCI convenience outlet   (60Hz   only).   While   providing additional information in a clear language format,  the  Navigator  display  can  be plugged into the unit at either the control panel  or  at  the  remote  service  port, allowing the service technician to operate the unit from where the maintenance or service work is being performed, thereby mini-mizing   downtime   to   ensure   the system  is  ready  for  operation  in  the shortest amount of time. Both the Energy Man-agement and Service Options can be factory-supplied or can be added in the field at a later date as needs change.

Full    and    part    load    efficiency
The fully integrated ComfortLink control system  maintains efficient con-trol over the  compressors,  unloaders,  expansion valves, and condenser fans to optimize performance as conditions change. The Carrier  exclusive  long-stroke  electronic expansion   valve   (EXV)   operates   at reduced condensing pressures, thereby allowing the control to operate the fans down to lower out-door temperatures. By utilizing  valve  position  information,  the control  main-tains  the  highest  possible evaporator  pressure and minimizes  the excessive  superheat  that  conventional thermal expansion valve (TXV) systems require.  Wider  operating  ranges  equal increased efficiencies and lower installed costs.

Building design flexibility

Design   and   consulting  engineers   will appreciate the broad selection of sizes and wide operating range offered by the
30GTN,GTR  chillers.  With  built-in  dual chiller control, imaginative large tonnage systems can be easily engi-neered and controlled with smaller, eas-ier to handle modules.    Modular    design    allows engineers to consider side by side, offset, or angled placement to fit the awkward spaces   that   the   architect   sometimes leaves  for  mechanical  sys-tems.  Or, in the    case      of    planned    expan-sion, additional cooling can be brought on-line and controlled from the same system.

In  some  places  facility  managers  may find   that   the  cash  flow  provided  by building up large air cooled multi-chiller plants  can  easily  offset  any  efficiency losses  when  compared  to  large  water cooled   centrifugal   type   chilled   water plants.

Quality and reliability
To    assure    long    life    and    quality perfor-mance, every chiller (both 50 and
60Hz) is factory run tested at full load. Individual components are also tested at many levels to assure that only the best   parts  make  it  into  30GTN,GTR chillers. Long life and reliability are also a function    of        design.    While    some man-ufacturers like to talk about moving parts, Carrier’s engineers recognized the potential   dangers   to   chiller   systems caused   by   problems   in   the   power distri-bution  system.  Low  voltage  and phase imbalances are but a few of the condi-tions        that    can        hurt        the compressor’s motor. Model 30G chillers were  one  of  the  first  to  offer  ground current  sensing  to  prevent  compressor motor  burn-out  that  would  contaminate the system and potentially threaten the life of future  replacement  compressors. The 06E semi-hermetic compressors are built  for  performance  and  have  proven themselves  in  commercial  refrigeration equipment worldwide.

With   tens   of   thousands   of   chillers operating in all corners of the world, end- users count on the reliability of Carrier
30G chillers. The Carrier China plant is an ISO 9001 regis-tered facility as are many of Carrier’s other component and assembly plants throughout the


•  Simple and easy to use ComfortLink communicating controls.
•  Wide operating envelope from –28 to
52°C (–20 to 125°F).
•  Accurate   temperature   control   with return fluid compensation.
•  Value   added   features  built-in;  dual chiller control, reset from return.
•  Superior full and part-load efficiency.
•  Precise multiple-step capacity.
•  Low   noise   operation   (quieter   than many screw chillers).
•  Dual independent refrigerant circuits.
•  Full load factory run tested.
•  Wide range of sizes available.
•  History  of  proven  performance  and reliability.
The    30GTN,GTR    chillers        with ComfortLink  control  offer  out-standing efficiencies   (EER   [Energy   Effi-ciency Ratio], COP [coefficient of per-formance], and IPLV [integrated part load value]) in both full (up to 10.0 EER) and part load operation (IPLVs up to 14.7). Increased part load efficiency is provided by dual indepen-dent    refrigeration    circuits, suction cut-off unloading, and return fluid temper-ature compensation.

*All features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice